Nubax Trio Traction System

by Jobri

A NEW Revolutionary product for back traction!!! The Nubax Trio is a NEW Generation of traction providing a gentle but strong and effective traction to the spine. Patent protected, clinically proven, and FDA approved, the Nubax provides beneficial therapy for a range of back conditions.
Useful for building and maintaining a strong healthy back.

  • Useful for building and maintaining a strong healthy back.
  • Natural traction that helps to decrease pressure on the invertebral discs.
  • Provides temporary relief from back pain and improves posture.
  • NO hanging upside down
  • Nubax Trio can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • Users of the Nubax Trio can safely extricate themselves at anytime while using the unit.
  • The Nubax Trio is far superior in regards to user comfort.
  • Portable, compact and easy to store.
  • There is no pressure placed on ankles and knees.
  • The Nubax Trio holds the spine in a a completely neutral position.
  • The shoulders and hips are held square to the spine so that the traction is safely applied without the risk of additional injury.

Frame: 22.5" W, 31.5" L, 17" D
Height Range: 19"-33" in use
Foam: Rubberized Foam
Fabric: Nylon with elastic trim.
Weight Limit: 330 lbs
Warranty: Five Years Limited
Assembly: Instructional DVD included with purchase

Dimensions: 24" x 41" x 17"