Humanscale Rocking Foot Machine FM500

by Humanscale
Save 33%

Help fight the trend towards inactivity!

Modern-day office work has become largely a sedentary task, as workers are forced to spend hours a day in front of computers. Such inactivity is not only bad for the body, it goes against basic ergonomic principles; movement is good, and movement is necessary.

Humanscale Foot Machines offer relief from prolonged sitting by stimulating movement in the feet and legs throughout the day. They encourage a gentle rocking motion—which uses most of the lower leg muscles—to increase comfort and healthful circulation. They also elevate the feet to relieve pressure on the lower back


  • Die-cast aluminum legs.
  • Molded plywood platform.
  • Steel foot stop.
  • Rubber grips.
  • Will not slide on hard floors.
  • Encourages rocking foot motion for improved circulation.
  • Cherry or Black with aluminum trim.
  • Dimensions: 16.75” W x 12.25” D x 4.5” H
  • Ships in 7 Days.

Active vs. Inactive Sitting

Have you ever noticed that your feet swell during a long plane ride? It’s not a symptom of the high altitude, but rather a product of Inactive Sitting.

The way people sit on planes is a perfect example of Inactive Sitting. The body—particularly the legs—is confined to a very small space, and your only opportunity for real movement is a quick trip to the bathroom. As a result, blood pools in the lower extremities and creates swelling in the feet.

Office work has a similar effect, as hours of sedentary computer work can slow circulation. But with a Foot Machine, the user is encouraged to engage in Active Sitting. The gentle rocking motion keeps the legs and feet moving, increasing circulation and preventing swelling.

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