Bucky Millet Filled Neck Pillow

by Bucky
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This pillow is filled with premium, natural and eco-friendly millet hulls. Millet hulls are a superior filling to anything synthetic such as foam, polyester or microbeads and provide the excellent support and comfort
you desire. We prefer natural comfort to synthetic and think you will too!

This neck pillow includes a BuckyBag and our handy Snap & Go feature which allows you to securely snap the pillow to your bag or carry-on. We use a very soft velour cover on this neck pillow.  

Utopia includes a BuckyBag located inside the cover which features:

  • Cord-lock keeps pillow clean, secure and handy

  • Concealed zippers allow easy cover removal and adjusting fill levels for a personalized fit 

  • Velour fabric is plush and machine washable

  • Carrying is easy with the Snap & Go tab

  • Bungee cord-lock keeps pillow clean, secure and handy 

Product Dimensions: 13” x 12” x 2.5" Thick