Backcare Basics Installation Services

Now Backcare Basics can help you with your installation needs even after delivery of orders placed or while planning your next purchase. We have developed partnerships with top of the line furniture installation specialists nationwide who can help if you would like assistance with the assembly, placement and/or installation of chairs and desks ordered from us. 

Look for this icon on the product pages of products likely to require installation assistance and let us know the product(s) involved, what services you need and where you are located. The simple email form below is easily used to reach out to us for personalized details and pricing. Fill in your needs and one our staff will get a price for the service or, as we prefer, give us a call at 800.858.8987 with your information and/or any questions you may have.

Whether, as a consumer, you've already purchased an item like one of our sit-to-standheight adjustable desks or a business who would like help with the installation of one or a number of desks and chairs, we can help. From simple assembly and on-site positioning of products to large projects requiring professional project management, our team can help.

For An Installation Quote, Call 800.858.8987 or Email The Form Below.