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Great Product & Service

The chairs we purchase from Back Care Basics have made a definite improvement in my staffs comfort throughout the day. this increases and productivity which increases our bottom line.


 Love the cushion!!

Great chair. Thanks!!


Excellent Chair, Varier Multi, Keith B.

Extremely well made chair, light-weight, adjustable, and attractive. Excellent customer support as well, they were both friendly and knowledgable.

No More Back Pain, JohnO.
Having just returned to the office after having back surgery I was concerned when I started to experience pain again. I realized that the problem was my chair so I went to Backcare Basics and purchased a throne. Since the day it arrived I have experienced no pain whatsoever. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.


LSG, Product Review

FINALLY! I have been looking for the perfect chair for over a year. I've tried Herman Miller's Aeron chairs and everything that the Big Box stores had to offer, nothing seemed to fit well enough. What I hadn't tried...up until the ErgoHuman All Leather Executive Chair. I was hesitant to buy it site unseen but Michael at Backcare Basics asked all of the right questions and had all of the right answers, making me comfortable enough to order my chair. I managed to put it together myself and am sitting on it as I type. Now I am able to work for long periods of time without lower back pain, finally!




Mary M., Email

"The order (2 stools) arrived and they are great.  Thanks for making it easy and quick.  Great doing business with you.  I will be in touch next week with an order for 2 office chairs. Very pleased."

Mindy, Atlas Office Chair Review
"This chair won't disappoint!

Very sturdy and comfortable chair. If you must sit for a good part of the work day this is the chair for you. Lots of support in the right areas. Also features many adjustments which most office chairs lack. Another big plus, is this company's superior customer service & support. They really do care about their customers! Thanks so much!"

David Honig, Varier (Move Stool) Saddle Chair Review

A chair is a chair; right? No. A giant wrong. Take if from someone who lives at their desk and feels their body melding into one with their chair. Mike was a fantastic help minute one of entering the not so easy to find showroom. I'm not easy to please at all. I also have terrible back pain (HAD terrible back pain) from sitting too long in the WRONG position. Mike directed me to a few options. The first one set the bar high for the others. I literally sat in the Varier Saddle Chair and felt my body transition to the chair in a very positive way. My stomach muscles were supporting my sitting; NOT my back. Huge, welcome difference. The only thing I could say was, "wow". I'm still saying just Two weeks after sitting in my new chair I walk differently. I've lost the back twitching. I feel still like my abs are doing the work of supporting my chair sitting. And there is MUCH better circulation in my legs. What a huge difference. 
Thank you Mike. Thank you to the Engineers that crafted this chair. Spend the extra minute(s) it takes to find the Back Care Basics show room; its worth it. 
Happy sitting.

Anders Albertsen, Varier Wing Chair Review
"Best kneeling chair ever!
Had many lumbar disc problems this chair makes sitting bearable i just ordered a third one so i don't have to sit on anything else. Chair distributes less weight on your shins and is much more comfortable than others I have tried."

Thank you for the nice “card”. I can’t tell you how much I like this chair – I have no back pain after full days of work @ home I’ve made adjustments in the height and flexibility of the chair to experiment with the comfort level. The chair is well worth the expense – no one should have to work in pain!!!
 So…again…Thanks so much!!!

 Adam L.
"I love my Comfort Rider!!"

"I spend 10-12 hours a day sitting at my desk, so being comfortable is extremely important. My current chair used to be really comfortable, but after sitting it day in and out for years it got a little worn down. I couldn't find a reasonably priced chair to replace it that was comfortable. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new chair, I decided to try the comfort rider. I was not disappointed. I can take it with me so no matter where I am sitting and working (home office, dining room table, coffee shop, etc), I am always comfortable. The foam is supportive but still soft. The rubber bottom prevents it from sliding off the chair. Now I just have to buy another one so my wife stops stealing it from me."

A & R Kelly

"Backcare Basics really does care!"

J. Burack

"Thanks for the wonderful service."

J. Anastasi

"You folks are absolutely fabulous to deal with! The follow up and courtesy extended is so very much appreciated."

L. Joy

"Luanne, that’s very nice of you. I’m really touched by how great your service is. Let’s go ahead and get the order going. Thanks so much!"

T. Farkas

"Luanne thanks for helping me with some seat cushions. The full back and inflatable cushions are working well for me."