BCB Seating - Info

Who We Are?

BCB Seating is the corporate selling arm of Back Care Basics, Inc. The division specializes in servicing small to medium sized businesses with a focus on increasing productivity and bottom line profitability through the improvement of employee comfort and morale.

What We Do?

BCB Seating delivers positive productivity results for its clients by providing ergonomic furniture, products and services that maximize employee comfort, create positive attitudes and improve personal health. Employees appreciate the employer who shows concern for their well being! Many surveys have confirmed that fact, especially as interest in fitness has become popular over the past few years. 

Why We Do It?

BCB Seating brings the expertise and attention not normally available to smaller companies in the New England area. We do what we do so smaller organizations can benefit from the creation of ergonomically superior environments as do their larger counterparts. Our approach allows business owners to focus on the day-to-day task of running their companies without having to become experts on what chairs, desks, etc. work best to maximize employee productivity. The truth is that no one chair, or chair style, can fit all body types present in your organization or bring the benefits of comfort to all your people. 

How We Do It?

Our experts come to you! How else can we best understand the business, the work or the environment of your employees? During the initial interviews we and our clients get the opportunity to define the scope of the needs of the project at hand. BCB Seating has the ability to help with everything from employee ergonomic evaluations to product selection and supply to interior design. All focused on delivering a project that is appreciated by your employees and admired by your customers; at a fair price.

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