Varier Move™ Stool

by Varier
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The Versatile Saddle Chair for Sit/Stand Support!

A Mayo Clinic study has now confirmed that using a Varier Move® in place of a regular office chair significantly increases caloric expenditure and may deliver long-term health benefits. Click here to learn more about how NEAT can affect you and your health.

Enjoy the ultimate in active sitting: put your body in the driving seat. Whether you’re catching up on e-mails in the kitchen or multi-tasking over breakfast on the phone, the versatile Move lets your body go wherever it feels it needs to be. With 360 degrees of movement to choose from, the Move is bound to have a position to suit you. This blend of chair and standing support has a graded disc base, so its tilting angle can follow your body through a range of positions.

Its saddle shaped seat is an essential element of the Move, making it impossible to slide off, even with your thighs positioned vertically. This means you can really open up the angle between your torso and thighs, allowing deeper breathing, improving concentration and relieving the pressure on your spine. The constant motion also serves as an effortless workout. Of all the chairs in this collection, the Move is the one that has the most positive impact on your back and abdominal muscles.

The lightweight construction of the Move makes it portable as well as easy to move around, and the disc base can be fitted with a rubber sole for slippery surfaces. The Move Stool is a perfect companion to a sit/stand desk, allowing its use in the complete range of adjustable heights available. No need for different chairs for different desk heights. See the new Backcare Basics' sit/stand desks by clicking here. 

  • Optimal Promotion of Movement for Comfort in Any Position
  • The Move Stool Promotes Good Balance & Poise
  • Optimal Standing Assistance for Sit/Stand Desk Applications
  • The Move Stool Encourages Beneficial Body Mobility while Working
  • Excellent Vertical Seat Height Adjustability Accommodates Multiple Users

Optional Protective Rubber Base Cover:

Protects the wood base. Prevents slipping. Protects floor surface from scratches. 

Stool Dimensions:

  • Seat Width: 17"
  • Seat Depth: 17"
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 22" - 32"

The Move Stool for Sit/Stand Support:

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