Sit-to-Stand Height Adjustable Desk

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Introducing Sit-to-Stand Desks At Backcare Basics!

Backcare Basics has fully embraced products that produce the benefits of active sitting as you can see by the chairs we offer. There are many benefits that we all can enjoy by using chairs that allow us to move while seated. In addition, there are other ergonomic products that offer these benefits as well. One of those that Backcare Basics now offers is the sit-to-stand desk.

The manually adjustable sit-to-stand desk shown here has the added benefit of being adjustable in a height range of from 26" to 46". This means that sit-to-stand desks can easily help the sitter vary his or her desk height to allow the ultimate in comfort throughout the working day. The height adjustment range takes the user from a traditional sitting position through to the perching and full standing positions with any stop in between.

When used in conjunction with a Varier Move Stool or the Muvman by Aeris a second chair or stool becomes unnecessary, a fact that has made users reluctant as workspace area square footage has dwindled.

The sit-to-stand desk design is not only an exceptional ergonomic alternative to the traditional desk; it promotes increased blood circulation which improves both performance and comfort.

Construction Features:
  • Manual Height Adjustment Through an Advanced Counterbalanced Spring Mechanism
  • Easy to Reach Tension Controls
  • Heavy Duty Base Design with Black Finish
  • Formed Steel Legs with Radius Detail
  • 1⅛" Thick 45 lb. Density Particle Board Top with High Performance Thermally Fused Lamiate
  • Load Capacity = 100 lbs.
  • Height Range = 26" to 46"
  • Privacy Shroud Included
  • Two Desk Top Depths, 24" & 30"
  • Two Desk Top Widths 46" & 58"
  • Base Includes Black Plastic Leveling Guides for ½" Adjustability
  • Shipped Ready To Assemble Using Simple Philips Screwdriver Tool
  • Seven (7) Year Warranty