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Sit-to-Stand Products

Standing desks have been around for many years. A couple of our blog posts show both Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway working at their standing desks. But today the popularity has moved to what's called sit-to-stand desks. These have the ability to vary the work surface height from normal seating to stand height and all levels in between. The goal: vary you work positioning regularly and do not sit, or stand for that matter, in one position for extended periods of time. Ergonomists have labeled this as the "new smoking" it is that dangerous. Our line of these variable height desks is growing and with our variable height stools you'll need only a single chair to assist in working at whatever height to which you set your work surface. There is also a growing line of "conversion" devices that can be used with your regular desk to allow for sit/stand capabilities.  More of those and desks to come to Backcare Basics in the future.