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Varier Active Multi-Purpose Office Chair

$795.00 $1,113.00

Varier's Active is Extremely Flexible for Any Workspace.

Varier Active basic is no nonsense. There are no complicated functions. No hard edges. No surprises. Just move forward or lean back. Raise or lower your seat. Turn 360 degrees and sense the soft chair giving you support precisely where you need it. Variér Active gives you the ability to move while sitting, and that is when your body thrives.

Focused and Effective
To focus on your work you need correct and active seating. This ensures you will remain effective and comfortable while you are working. Varier Active offers the movement, variation in position and comfortability you want in a chair to help promote good flow of ideas during work, harmonious atmosphere and great satisfaction that come from a comfortable and efficient day at work.

Human Design Mobility
Varier Active’s saddle-shaped seat gives your legs space and freedom of movement. Stretch them out in front of you and lean back, or place them underneath you for that active, forward-leaning tasking position. The backrest gives you support just where you need it, while the arm rests support your arms and upper body when leaning backwards. Castors and 360 degree rotation give you the mobility you need. The height adjustable and customizable gas lift enables use at varying height work surfaces. Start the day at your desk, glide effortlessly over to a counter height work surface for a different task. Variér Active lets you move around while sitting, helping your body and mind to work at their best.

Active Basic Chair Dimensions
Total Height: 33"-39", Seat Height: 18"-24", Seat Width: 25.5", Seat Depth: 25.5"

Harmonious Design Inspired by the Oak Leaf
The Variér Active has a harmonious sculptural shape inspired by the oak leaf. As well as having strong outlines, Varier Active is soft and welcoming and, therefore, fits in with different styles of interiors. Zipper details wrap the sides and exterior of chair, delivering a modern and clean line. Chrome gas lift and castors offer up an even more subtle and refined aesthetic. The design of the seat and backrest together with the functions and movement in the chair makes Variér Active the perfect choice for a beautiful and comfortable modern work chair for the home or office.

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