Varier Wing Balans Kneeling Chair

by Varier
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Presenting the eco-friendly, feature rich Varier Wing kneeling chair. The Wing kneeling chair incorporates an injection molded recycled plastic base that benefits the environment. 

The Varier Wing kneeling chair is a less conventional kneeling chair that includes wheels that allow for greater mobility making it right “at home” in an office environment. Swivel, tilt and height adjustable functions make it optimal for even more comfortable ergonomic body positioning while improving the user’s ability to work at higher tables. 

The tilting seat function together with the shin cushions offers sitting positions with a natural open angle between thigh and torso. This makes breathing easier and provides well being while seated. 

The Wing kneeling chair encourages a variety of sitting positions allowing for the movement the body requires to maintain its most comfortable posture. This chair is especially suited for those who have to bend forward to carry out activities at their desk or table.

  • The Wing Allows for the Sitter’s Spine to Find its Natural Curve For Maximum Comfort
  • The Open Sitting Position Naturally Strengthens the User’s Back Muscles
  • This Chair Promotes Proper Posture During Long Periods of Work
  • Casters Make the Wing Ideal for Work that Involves A Lot of Movement
  • The Wing is Height Adjustable to Accommodate Different Desk Heights.
  • Ideal for Multiple User Environments
  • Chair Dimensions:
  • Overall Width: 22.75”
  • Overall Depth: 22.75”
  • Seat Height: 20.5” – 28.25”

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