Varier Variable Balans, The Original Kneeling Chair with Backrest

by Varier
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Variable Balans Kneeling Chair with Padded Backrest, Designed by Peter Opsvik

The Variable Balans Kneeling Chair encourages your body to move and reacts to every one of its movements. Body and chair, action and reaction, in a cycle of continuous motion that energizes and enlivens your body and mind. 

This was the first chair designed on the balans concept, the Variable Balans, is a true classic. The design is over thirty years old, yet it looks as fresh today as it did when first launched. It is as versatile as you are and light enough to carry over one arm. The Variable Balans is the perfect instrument for the varied demands of modern lifestyles. A morning spent working at your desk goes much faster, as the chair encourages an upright, ‘alert’ posture that promotes concentration and creativity. 
Adding a back to the Variable balans makes it even a more versatile chair that can be used at home or at the office. It is ideal for people who have to work at a table for long periods of time.  Learn more about the benefits of balans technology download a whitepaper here.

Optional Soft Tape: Available in beige for natural wood finish or black for black lacquered frame. The tape adheres to the underside of the Variable's frame to protect delicate floor surfaces. Click here to shop soft tape.

Chair Dimensions:

  • Chair Height: 36"
  • Seat Height: 20"
  • Chair Width: 20½"
  • Chair Depth: 28"

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      Check out the benefits of balans: