Jobri BetterBack Seat Wedge - Sacro Wedge Plus

by Jobri

Jobri seat wedges are designed to relieve and help prevent lower back pain. The Sacro Wedge Plus offers the feature of coccyx cutout which effectively eliminates pressure on the user's tailbone.

  • The tapered angle of the Jobri Sacro Wedge Plus encourages correct body posture.
  • This Sacro Wedge Plus with coccyx cut-out reduces spinal pressure while seated.
  • Available in small and large sizes to suit different body sizes.
  • Made of high quality polyurethane foam.
  • Covered with a washable, durable twill fabric.
  • Extremely portable and adaptable to varying home and travel applications


Large: 16" L x 17" W x 1" to 3" H

Small:  13" L x 18" W x 1" to 3" H

Color: Black