Loover Weight Sensing Tilting Chair

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Loover Senses Your Weight & Adjusts Itself Automatically!

Truly amazing!! The Loover's weight sensing mechanism automatically adjusts its tilt-tension to what's right for each user. This chair is the first with this feature presented for sale by Backcare Basics and we think it will be the design of choice for those looking for ease of use in addition to ergonomic comfort. This innovative synchronized system incorporates the next generation features of intuitive ergonomics that benefits everyone using this chair. The combination of the automated adjustments and the stretch mesh incorporated into the Loover's design work together to promote healthy movement, proper spinal alignment and comfort.

But Wait ... There's More

Standard Loover Tilting Chair Features:
  • Available in three (3) back heights: Medium, High & Extended High to further tailor the chair to users' needs.
  • Includes a high quality Soft Descent Pneumatic lift system which slowly and gently lowers the seat height of the chair making it easy to obtain exactly the right seat height to maximize your comfort.
  • A side control activated sliding seat depth adjustment provides a full 2" of seat depth range.
  • Height AND Width adjustable locking arms with soft to the touch armcaps.
  • Arm extensions are also standard, allowing the arms to move away from the seat up to 2" on each side to allow space for broader hip widths.
  • Armcaps rotate inwards and outwards 30 degrees to properly aim towards a keyboard and/or mouse.
  • Armcaps slide forward and back to accommodate taller and smaller users.
  • Five legged, injection molded, fiberglass reinforced, Nylon add to the overall strength of the chair.
  • Mix & Match any of the colors of the mesh back with the seat colors shown, all for quick delivery.
Overall Loover Dimensions:
  • Medium Back : 25.5"W x 25"D x 39"H
  • High Back: 25.5"W x 25"D x 42"H
  • Extended High Back: 25.5"W x 25"D x 45.5"H

And Here's the Best Part ...

Loover High & Medium Back Chairs Ship In 3 to 4 Days When You Order the Configurations Offered Above!

 Extended High Back Models ship within 3 to 4 Weeks.