Varier Move Stool for Kids

by Varier
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The Varier Move Stool is the ultimate in active sitting. Offering 360° of movement, the Move Stool puts your child's body in control. It is an excellent choice for any individual who needs sensory or proprioceptive input to maximize focus and this one is sized especially for kids. 

It's unique convex base allows the stool to move with the sitter, while the feet stay firmly planted. It has a comfortable saddle-shaped seat and an adjustable height gas lift to accommodate varying height height work surfaces from a small table to kitchen counter or sit/stand desk. It can't really be called a chair, it's more of a standing support.

The Move Stool for Kids immediately improves posture and emotional well being. Its so intuitive to use, and its fun to use as well. Move Stool for Kids follows the child's body movements and gives them the ability to better focus on their tasks at hand.

Occupational Therapists, Coaches and Educators routinely recommended the Varier Move Stool for Kids for children with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder and other sensory-related conditions. 

  • The Move Stool for Kids has a smaller seat to improve ease of use smaller bodies
  • This Move Stool has an adjustable lift designed for the lighter weight of children
  • A protective rubber base cover is included on the Move Stool for Kids without additional charge
  • Recommended Move for children with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder
  • Saddle seat design graded disc base supports the body at any angle

Color: Red Fabric Seat with Natural Base

Please Note: Protective Rubber Base Cover Included


Seat Width: 13"

Seat Length: 13"

Adjustable Seat Height: 19" - 26"