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Adjustable Height Sit-to-Stand Desk-Stool Set


Fully Equipped & Ready To Go

The latest ergonomic functionality & style!

Backcare Basics has teamed up with the newest manufacturer of sit-to-stand desks ... Upstanding Designs. We are happy to introduce what we believe to be the most ergonomically functional and stylish desk and stool combination that we have ever seen. And, we've done it at a price that usually buys the desk alone. 

This desk-stool set includes the Metropolitan sit-to-stand desk and the extremely popular Varier Move Stool that allows users to sit with the desk at lower positions and "perch" when the desk is elevated. The black laminate desk surface with its black legs is complimented beautifully by the Move Stool's black fabric and black rubber cover over its solid ash wood base.

Forget the very industrial looking designs that you've see with most sit/stand desks, this one is functional and extremely well constructed to assure years of rugged use, while looking great doing it. The Metropolitan's desktop has a height range of of 25" to 49" and is a compact 24" wide by 48" long making it adaptable to smaller spaces in your work or home office. In addition, the desk's control unit and mechanism allows for presetting four (4) heights for different users or jobs you may need to accommodate. This is a truly economical high-end desk that, in combination with the versatile Move Stool, will keep you comfortable during long periods of work.

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