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BodyBilt Ergonomic Office Chairs

The science of ergonomics seeks to provide comfort for the worker. BodyBilt designs office chairs that adjust to virtually any user of their chairs. Backcare Basics has had a long-standing relationship with the BodyBilt organization and has sold and serviced its products for many years.

Highly customizable means one thing to most manufacturers. That is longer lead times that many customers would like to avoid. That being said, the fact of the matter is that the old 80/20 rule is more like 95/5 when it comes to body types and the chair configurations that can bring comfort to the user who sits much of the day while at work.

Yes, with the amount of adjustments in a BodyBilt chair, supplied by Backcare Basics, 95% of the body types of our customers can be made to be ergonomically positioned and super comfortable in the configurations we offer. The configurations that we supply are shipped from the factory, in any one of the 17 fabric and colors listed on our site, in just 5 to 7 days from the time an order is placed.

Of course, we can supply any configuration that can be created from the myriad of choices of backs, seat pans, fabrics  and controls offered by BodyBilt if necessary. But the simplicity of choice and the quick ship option that we offer has pleased 95% of our customers over the years and served them well. In addition, our relationship with the folks at BodyBilt has been long-standing and, when necessary, we work with them to deliver the services that may be required from time to time during the lifetime of the products. Our experience has been that BodyBilt chairs are easily setup by our customers to recommended ergonomic standards and require virtually no further servicing once configured.