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Stylish Sit-to-Stand Desk Sets for Your Workspace November 03 2014

The latest ergonomic functionality & style!

Backcare Basics has teamed up with the newest manufacturer of sit/stand desks ... Upstanding Designs of New England. We are happy to introduce what we believe to be the most ergonomically functional and stylish desk and stool combination that we have ever seen. And, we've done it at a price that usually buys the desk alone. 


We have been waiting for quite some time to pair up our Move Stool with the appropriate sit/stand desk. Basically, we did not see the mating of present industrial designed desks with the stylish functionality of the Varier stool very appealing for the money. The stylish Move Stool provides many body positioning options when an adjustable height desk is set to a standing height; a feature which is particularly appealing to the ergonomists we speak with. The Move Stool allows for "perching" while working at elevated desk heights and is as infinitely adjustable as this well thought out desk design itself. With the introduction of the Metropolitan Desk we discovered the best combination of style and functionality to match the capabilities of a great ergonomic stool and decided to offer this economical Desk-Stool Set option to our clients. 

A Boston Globe article, published today, offers some great insight into the benefits of varying positions while at work vs. sitting or standing exclusively for long periods of time. Here are a couple of insightful excerpts ...

"More than a dozen studies conducted over the past decade suggest that too much sitting leads to more disability as we age, doubles the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and could even shorten our lifespan. For example, Harvard researchers found in a February study involving more than 92,000 women that the more time participants spent sitting at work, driving, or watching TV, the greater their risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, or strokes."

"Such news may have contributed to a 50 percent rise in the sales of standing desks over the past year as more companies invest in them for their employees." The article states.

And ... “Standing all day isn’t the answer,” said Alan Hedge, a design and ergonomics professor at Cornell University. “That’s where we were 100 years ago, and we needed to develop chairs to prevent curvature of the spine, backaches, and varicose veins.”

A hot topic today? I'll say, but we at Backcare Basics have been working to help folks get into the correct positions at work and play for many years. Active Sitting is delivered by virtually all the products we sell for office and home but the Metropolitan Desk and the Move Stool may be the perfect solution to helping sit/standers assume many many different positions while providing the flexibility of moving on the job.


Active Sitting Video from Varier July 07 2014

Here's a quick review of Varier's Active Sitting approach to movement while sitting.

One of Our Favorites Returns - BodyBilt Ergonomic Chairs July 04 2014

As you may remember Backcare Basics has been around since 1988. Since our founding we have seen manufacturers come and go. Ergonomic chair producers are many but not all have stood the test of time. One of those who has is ErgoGenesis, the manufacturer of BodyBilt ergonomic chairs. We are pleased to announce that BodyBilt is back on Backcare Basics' web store.

Also established in 1988, ErgoGenesis manufactures BodyBilt ergonomic seating and accessories for use in the office, home, laboratory, industrial settings, or wherever there exists a need for comfortable, ergonomically-designed seating. BodyBilt chairs are created by applying space-age designs to chair components to emulate the same stress-free posture assumed by the body in a weightless environment.

BodyBilt chair designs have brought recognition to ErgoGenesis as being a leader in the ergonomic seating industry. BodyBilt chairs are present in many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies such as the Pentagon, Department of the Navy and the Internal Revenue Service, providing their workers with high quality, long lasting ergonomic seating. 

ErgoGenesis’ BodyBilt products have also been cited in several national publications as being superior ergonomic chairs relative to others available on the market today. Every BodyBilt chair shown on our website is friendly to the environment, very well equipped and available for quick shipment from Backcare Basics ....and is manufactured in the company's facility in Navasota, Texas. 

To celebrate the return of BodyBilt to our webstore we are delighted to offer exclusive pricing to our newsletter subscribers. For a limited time only you can purchase your BodyBilt chair for a total of 46% off our list price! Use the checkout code: BodyBilt0714 for and additional 10% off our already low price.

   We love to buy and sell American. Happy July 4th!

Five sitting positions that cause back pain. April 17 2014

How many of the five affect you? Check Out These Common Issues That Cause Back Pain!!

#1 - Rounded Shoulders - If you're slouching, that puts stress on your lower back, you overuse those muscles, then you become fatigued and have soreness and discomfort. So your childhood advice from grownups is still correct (maybe more so) today … “shoulders back”.

#2 - Head Forward - Your head should be directly over your shoulders when you sit or stand. This puts the spine into a “stress free” natural position whether seated or standing.

#3 - Hunch-backing - No “hunching”, the back should be straight and resting against a traditional chair’s back to provide support to the lower curve of the back, or lumbar area. With backless chairs, like many kneelers, the spine is automatically adjusted to the assure correct back positioning for optimum comfort.

#4 - Poor Feet Positions - When sitting in a “traditionally” designed office chair, it should be adjusted to position your knees slightly lower than the hips, and your feet should be able to rest on the floor or foot stool. With kneeling chairs this is not necessary as the “open angle” formed between the upper torso and your thighs promotes free blood flow throughout your body quite naturally. 

#5 - Stagnant Long-Term Sitting (SLS) - Move, move, move - Just as important as proper positioning, experts say, is getting up and walking every 20 to 30 minutes for about five minutes. Movement increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles that have been holding the body in one position and helps refresh them.

The Best Solutions Are the Simplest Solutions ... All It Takes is Some Concentration & New Habits Can be Formed!!

How one easy sitting change can make you more productive. April 10 2014

Let’s face it, you’re going to have to change something to combat the negative effects of sitting in one place for extended periods of time. The experts say that we should get up and change our posture, stretch and generally take a break to exercise to mitigate back pain. All great ideas but, I don’t know about you, when I’m on a roll and producing good results for what I’m doing at the time I DO NOT want to be interrupted by anyone or anything, especially taking exercise, that interferes with my productivity.

But, what if you and I could do both AT THE SAME TIME? We can and I have done so by simply changing to a chair that moves while I’m in it. And better yet, I don’t have to do anything consciously to make it happen. The key is working on a chair that moves when your body moves. So rather than getting one that puts you into one “ideal” position, active sitting chairs respond to your body’s movement which comes naturally as we “fidget” or reposition ourselves for whatever reason while we’re in it.

There are a ton of different “solutions” that manufacturers have come up with that are so called perfect but, the truth is, there is no one magical design that works for everyone. However, that being said, I have found that active sitting stools come as close to a being a universal solution as any we've seen so far. Why? Simply put they are adjustable for height, lean in the direction you need to go without the need to alter its settings, rotate and “glide” from place to place easily. With this kind of flexibility these stools allow us all to remain moving while seated.

So whether you choose a stool on casters, one with an inverted “dome” base design or one with a moveable joint base design you can be mobile while also being able to “lean” into your work with ease. Active sitting stools can also be the only chair you need when working at a sit/stand desk which many of us do today.

Click on the photo above to see even more active sitting stools.

Always Moving, It's Called Active Sitting April 04 2014

We are pleased to let folks know that we are continuing to add products to our site that offer the ability to enable movement while working in a seated position.

Backcare Basic's philosophy is that what's good for you doesn't have to be tasteless, plain or lacking stylish design. Today there are solutions to the stagnant sitting issues that many of us have that are engineered to not only assist in maintaining the correct posture for your back but to also look good. Whether they appear to be "traditionally" designed and look familiar ... 

or truly different looking ...  


... the chairs we offer have been vetted to be the most functionally effective at reducing the pain of stagnant sitting when working for extended periods of time.

The important thing for the user is that they can depend on getting the best solutions that are available when buying from Backcare Basics. We've been around since 1988 in the business of back pain care, relief and, most importantly, prevention.

So whether your choice is for the traditional look or the new and unique looks that technology advances are allowing us to design with today, you'll find the best of the best on our site. Backcare Basics' management prides itself on not having that "hardware store" look of many sites that present as many products as possible with the hope of appealing to as large an audience as possible. We specialize in offering well vetted products that are high quality, well built and, in our opinion, stylishly designed to appeal to those who appreciate the somewhat unique.

Keep tuning into our site as we are constantly on the lookout for great new offerings like the Swopper and Muvman as well as the fantastic products like those from Varier that we have been bringing to our customers for many years.



Active Sitting Basics Video March 09 2014


Here's another super informative, quick and easy to view video about active sitting. Ergonomists from around the world agree that movement is the best thing for your body and stagnant sitting for long periods of time is harmful in many ways. Whether you are conscious about your body and want to prevent back pain, whether you are in need to relieve current back problems or whether you are simply looking for a good chair that provides true relaxation, Varier offers a large range of products that suit your needs. Backcare Basics has offered Varier's kneeling chairs since the product, and now many products, were introduced to the United States' market. We continue to support these products and have many followers who have benefited from the use of these chairs. Check out the variety we carry at our kneeling chair page and the Move Stools which is one of our best sellers and the mobile version of the Move that Tilts which now allows even greater movement while sitting.

Fun Facts About Snow January 24 2014

Six Facts About Snow That You May Not Have Known

FACT #1: 1 inch of rain is equivalent to about 10 inches of snow. The difference comes from the air trapped in snow ice crystals and the density of the snow.

FACT #2: The lighter and fluffier the snow the faster it melts.

FACT #3: The largest snowflake recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records fell at Fort Keogh, Montana in 1887 and was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick.

FACT #4: A snowstorm becomes a blizzard when visibility is less than 1/4 mile and the storm continues for more than 3 hours with winds of 35+ mph.

FACT #5: The largest amount of snow recorded in one year was 1140 inches. It was recorded in Mt. Baker ski area in Washington in 1998-1999. That is about 95 feet of snow in one year!

FACT #6:Stampede Pass in the state of Washington averages 430 inches of snow per year. No wonder it's known as the snow capital of the United States!

Active Sitting Short Subject Video December 27 2013


This is an animated short that addresses the health risks associated with too much sitting, and why adding activity and movement to your work day is important. It introduces the concept of active sitting. 
As we mentioned in a previous post here, when we attended the Ergonomic Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas at the beginning of December, all we kept hearing about was that movement while sitting and exercising regularly make the difference to assure a healthy body. Backcare Basics has been a proponent of #activesitting since its founding in 1988. So we think we can help our clients to choose the right sitting solution for their needs be it at work or at home. Especially when it comes to Varier's line of active sitting chairs.
Visit our site regularly for new ideas at: Backcare Basics and get the scoop on the latest products for #activesitting.


Active Searching??? December 11 2013

Courtesy of our friends at Varier Furniture. Thank you!

Ergonomics Exposition - Las Vegas December 09 2013

We just returned from attending The National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition held in Las Vegas last week and it was phenomenal.

We go to learn what's new in the field of ergonomics and see the new products that are available as a result of the research and development that is being done by universities and corporations from around the world. The new products that are shown cover the waterfront and typically one can see the trends that are in favor at any given time. There are those items and services that are "in vogue" and others that are just plain make sense items over the long term. From furniture to clothing and everything in between we search for those items that are not fads but rather sensible approaches that one can use to prevent, relieve and relax the stress and strain that your body experiences while at work or play. As you'll recall one of our favorites is #activesitting.

The caveat that we at Backcare Basics use to truly differentiate ourselves from the competition is that we search for products, particularly those that can be used at work and at home, that are not only highly functional but stylish as well. We have always taken the road less traveled, i.e. BCB was one of the first to offer the Varier Furniture product line in the United States. Varier is one of those companies that very early in their history recognized that the furniture they made should be attractive to look at as well as good for the body's use over long periods of work or play. So rather than being one of the "hardware stores" of ergonomics we choose to offer the best of the best products that offer both attractive styling and features that will benefit your body and be functional for many years to come.

As we have mentioned in prior blog posts focus on superior products with style is the BCB mission that we believe suits our clients the best. To that end, be sure to stop by regularly to see what's new at BCB. We made some pretty interesting discoveries at The National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition last week and we're anxious to share them with you in the near future.

SLS is Everywhere but Solutions are NOT!! September 19 2013

If you’ve been following our blog you know that our focus is on what we call   #activesitting as a solution to “Stagnant Long-Term Sitting” affects. Many solutions have been offered but few have succeeded in helping with eliminating the negative affects of SLS.

 For example, way back in the ‘60s, IBM advertised to the press that their top executives were fond of using stand-up desks. The claim being, of course, that standing vs. sitting kept the user more alert while encouraging change of position and, therefore, maintain comfort. Great idea, but standing too long is almost as bad as sitting too long and other solutions were eventually created.

 The sit/stand desk is one of the solutions that either manually or electrically allows for desk height adjustment to accommodate the seated or standing positions of the user. The desk user stands upright, uses a stool or, in many instances, uses a second, normal height chair, making for a cluttered workspace. The best solution to this situation is to design a desk chair or stool that is height adjustable allowing for a single chair solution.

 In recognition of this trend, Backcare Basics has researched and found chairs and stools that supply vertical adjustment and allow free body movement for those using today’s sit/stand desk solutions. When a desk is in the standing position these chairs act more as a standing assistant than a sitting device and, in the lowered configuration, they also allow for comfort and movement there.

 In the photo above, you can see me positioned at an elevated sit/stand desk in a Varier Active, which is extremely comfortable at either the standard chair or elevated stool heights. You can find other options on our website as well and we’ll be covering those in future posts soon.


Stagnant, Long-Term Sitting (SLS) – It Hurts! September 09 2013 1 Comment

We’ve all experienced it! We’re working, studying, watching a movie or just plain reading and we get so engrossed in what we’re doing that we literally sit still for really long stretches of time without changing positions. Then, when we do finally move, we’re stiff and realize that we’ve been so sedentary that upon moving the aches and pains appear. That’s what results from SLS and we believe that we can prevent the likes of the pain caused by SLS through the adoption of a more active sitting environment.

Let’s face facts, we are predominantly a sitting society which means that chairs play a major role in how we deal with SLS. Chairs from the likes of Varier, who we mentioned in our previous post, are literally engineered to allow for the natural urge of the body to move and vary positions. All this is achieved while maintaining proper posture, another comforting attribute that lessens the pain and occurence of SLS.

Constant natural movement while seated has many benefits; it burns calories, strengthens muscles, nourishes the spine and prevents tension build up in back, neck and shoulders. All this while maintaining the spine in its natural and most comfortable curvature configuration. So remember that movement while sitting also increases blood flow and oxygen supply – resulting in improved concentration and and improved ability to focus. Most of all movement is the key to eliminating the effects of SLS.

Try A Little Tenderness! July 26 2013

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I can pass along from my experiences with pain. For me, there’s so much to say; where does one actually begin?! And then it hit me as I left an awesome massage session the other night, relaxed and ready to snuggle on the couch after a long day at work with a glass of wine (I know it should be water) and the remote (yes the remote!).

Let’s talk about what I’ve learned on how to best manage my pain.  I’ve had some real experience with this issue. I’ve had a broken foot, wrist, 5 broken toes (at once) and most recently a broken neck, not to mention over a dozen surgeries, including a hip replacement and two pretty serious bouts with Cancer, #cancer survivor. So I sort of know what I’m talking about on this topic.  I wish I could I tell you that I was a devotee of alternative medicine, a meticulous organic healthy diet and vigorous exercise.  I am not. 

I am a child of the 50s, from Italian heritage where exercise meant clearing the table and washing the dishes. I love great food and loathe formal exercise but I am physically active so that helps a lot. I am a great fan of traditional medicine.  I have had an army of medical professionals who absolutely have saved my life…more than once.  I believe nurses are angels without wings and that ER personnel are God’s gifts to mankind. I do however believe there is a place for alternative therapies. My bottom line is that you must find what works for you. Study everything you can. Learn about what ails you and what could work to make you feel better.

It’s important to treat the physical pain but don’t forget that the emotional pain can be just as debilitating. Be gentle with yourself. Follow your doctor’s orders and take your meds. Eat good food. Sleep well. Surround yourself with loving family and friends because laughter truly is the best medicine and strength comes from hope. When the physical pain needs attention, find things to make yourself comfortable; perhaps some hot or cold therapy, a cozy comfortable pillow, a really great supportive chair all of which you can find at and most importantly a hug and smile from someone you love…you’ll know where to find that.

Love and Hugs,