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How to Beat Cabin Fever March 01 2015

So far up here in Boston, Massachusetts we have had the second snowiest winter ever with 102" of that fluffy white stuff. In fact, there is only another 5" required to top the all time greatest annual regional snow fall on modern record. Cabin fever is setting in!

If you live anywhere in this region, or maybe elsewhere for that matter, you might be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk and messing about on the web (when your not out shoveling). If you are sitting, not shoveling that is, be sure to check out our many ergonomic seating models and active sitting products to help you through the winter blahs.

At Back Care Basics this March, you can enjoy a complimentary coupon to be applied against any purchase on any of our hundreds of products. Simply sign up for our emails and promotions and you will get 5% off your next order. You can use it on any of our accessories, sit to stand desks, kneeling chairs, motion seating or general office seating. All chairs and stools Ship Free. Another bonus point.

While we have seen many images this winter of this insane amount of snow, here are a few that stood out for me. One in suburban Boston (yes those are cars and was taken after the first dump and it's worse now) and the other at a local marina just south of us. Yes salt water does freeze if its cold enough! Last shot is a snow farm to process the snow.




This One Chair Does It All & Eliminates SLS July 16 2014

 We don't often get on a soapbox about the beauty of a chair but this one's an exception. The Varier Gravity balans chair is not only a wonder to behold but it goes a long way towards totally eliminating SLS. Readers of our "BCB Updates" blog will remember our home grown acronym for "Stagnant Long-Term Sitting" which others have called the "Sitting Disease".

The sitter never stagnates in this chair! The Gravity balans four positions takes the user from the kneeling chair working position to the zero gravity position where the legs are elevated above the heart. This range of motion and the ability to move while sitting is unexcelled. But as they say a picture is worth a thousand words but this video tells it all. 

Check out the details at: 

New to Kneeling Chairs? - Learn the Benefits in This Video April 18 2014

Varier Furniture, one of our favorite partners, not only invented the Variable balans kneeling chair, it has been manufacturing the highest quality original and additional designs that offer the benefits of #activesitting for over 35 years.

Varier has recently been producing short, entertaining and educational videos on #activesitting. This one gets down to the description of the balans concept benefits to you and your back. 

Five sitting positions that cause back pain. April 17 2014

How many of the five affect you? Check Out These Common Issues That Cause Back Pain!!

#1 - Rounded Shoulders - If you're slouching, that puts stress on your lower back, you overuse those muscles, then you become fatigued and have soreness and discomfort. So your childhood advice from grownups is still correct (maybe more so) today … “shoulders back”.

#2 - Head Forward - Your head should be directly over your shoulders when you sit or stand. This puts the spine into a “stress free” natural position whether seated or standing.

#3 - Hunch-backing - No “hunching”, the back should be straight and resting against a traditional chair’s back to provide support to the lower curve of the back, or lumbar area. With backless chairs, like many kneelers, the spine is automatically adjusted to the assure correct back positioning for optimum comfort.

#4 - Poor Feet Positions - When sitting in a “traditionally” designed office chair, it should be adjusted to position your knees slightly lower than the hips, and your feet should be able to rest on the floor or foot stool. With kneeling chairs this is not necessary as the “open angle” formed between the upper torso and your thighs promotes free blood flow throughout your body quite naturally. 

#5 - Stagnant Long-Term Sitting (SLS) - Move, move, move - Just as important as proper positioning, experts say, is getting up and walking every 20 to 30 minutes for about five minutes. Movement increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles that have been holding the body in one position and helps refresh them.

The Best Solutions Are the Simplest Solutions ... All It Takes is Some Concentration & New Habits Can be Formed!!

Active Sitting Basics Video March 09 2014


Here's another super informative, quick and easy to view video about active sitting. Ergonomists from around the world agree that movement is the best thing for your body and stagnant sitting for long periods of time is harmful in many ways. Whether you are conscious about your body and want to prevent back pain, whether you are in need to relieve current back problems or whether you are simply looking for a good chair that provides true relaxation, Varier offers a large range of products that suit your needs. Backcare Basics has offered Varier's kneeling chairs since the product, and now many products, were introduced to the United States' market. We continue to support these products and have many followers who have benefited from the use of these chairs. Check out the variety we carry at our kneeling chair page and the Move Stools which is one of our best sellers and the mobile version of the Move that Tilts which now allows even greater movement while sitting.

Active Sitting Short Subject Video December 27 2013


This is an animated short that addresses the health risks associated with too much sitting, and why adding activity and movement to your work day is important. It introduces the concept of active sitting. 
As we mentioned in a previous post here, when we attended the Ergonomic Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas at the beginning of December, all we kept hearing about was that movement while sitting and exercising regularly make the difference to assure a healthy body. Backcare Basics has been a proponent of #activesitting since its founding in 1988. So we think we can help our clients to choose the right sitting solution for their needs be it at work or at home. Especially when it comes to Varier's line of active sitting chairs.
Visit our site regularly for new ideas at: Backcare Basics and get the scoop on the latest products for #activesitting.


Varier Gravity Special Offer November 11 2013

Here's something you don't see very often. That is, one great Norwegian chair company offering an incentive of another iconic Norwegian blanket weaver free with the purchase of a Varier Gravity recliner.

It's a result of this year being the 30th anniversary of the Gravity's introduction. Yes, this very modern and functional piece of art has been around, virtually unchanged, for thirty years. Those of us who have been in one are blown away by the comfort afforded by the various positions this chair is capable of. From working position as a kneeling chair with a back to the zero gravity reclined position for relaxation, this chair does it all.

Take a look at the chair and this phenomenal offer that has never been done before.Visit for the details and how to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Stagnant, Long-Term Sitting (SLS) – It Hurts! September 09 2013

We’ve all experienced it! We’re working, studying, watching a movie or just plain reading and we get so engrossed in what we’re doing that we literally sit still for really long stretches of time without changing positions. Then, when we do finally move, we’re stiff and realize that we’ve been so sedentary that upon moving the aches and pains appear. That’s what results from SLS and we believe that we can prevent the likes of the pain caused by SLS through the adoption of a more active sitting environment.

Let’s face facts, we are predominantly a sitting society which means that chairs play a major role in how we deal with SLS. Chairs from the likes of Varier, who we mentioned in our previous post, are literally engineered to allow for the natural urge of the body to move and vary positions. All this is achieved while maintaining proper posture, another comforting attribute that lessens the pain and occurence of SLS.

Constant natural movement while seated has many benefits; it burns calories, strengthens muscles, nourishes the spine and prevents tension build up in back, neck and shoulders. All this while maintaining the spine in its natural and most comfortable curvature configuration. So remember that movement while sitting also increases blood flow and oxygen supply – resulting in improved concentration and and improved ability to focus. Most of all movement is the key to eliminating the effects of SLS.

A Kneeling Chair Is Perfect Everywhere! July 01 2013


Upon first glance, a kneeling chair can look like a bit of an enigma. When we encounter people who have never seen one before, the concentrating eyebrows and cocked heads speak for them before they have a chance to ask, “But, how do you sit on it?” Luckily, confusion quickly melts into surprise as they discover that sometimes something different and unfamiliar is exactly what is in order.

We make no secret of the fact that we love kneeling chairs. We sell them, we use them, we tell strangers about them in grocery stores, and we’d surely sing their praises from a mountain top if we were asked. There’s no rocket science behind their construction, no magical motors or pixie dust involved. There is simply logic and an understanding and appreciation for how the human body works, moves, bends and sits. Sitting unto itself isn’t very complicated to the naked eye – we all do it dozens of times a day without a second thought. But much like breathing and blinking, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes when your body sits. A kneeling chair takes all of this into consideration, and is both supportive and reactive to the sitting person.

While a kneeling chair can certainly provide back pain relief, we encourage you not to think of them only in the realm of pain remediation. In fact, much like the many ergonomic office chairs we offer on our site, the benefits of a kneeler chair are for people of many ages, shapes and sizes who are looking to take better care of their bodies and prevent pain before it starts.

The body is an evolving, active and reactive thing; it is literally alive with changes, causes and effects. Ideally, it would prefer to be in motion – walking, lifting, bending and stretching. Our modern lives often don’t afford this ideal, as we are seemingly strapped to our desks for countless hours, regarding a trip to the water cooler as a mini-vacation. We can’t turn back the clock and go back to hunting and gathering, nor would the majority of us care to. But we can take advantage of such products as kneeling chairs to loosen the chains a little on our cubicle cave!

For as wonderful as kneeling chairs are for the office and home office, they are also a smart seating solution for just about anywhere in your home. Available in bright, fun colors, Varier kneeling chairs make a wonderful choice for children and adults alike. Many kids spend the better part of a day drawing, coloring, and having fun with crafts, usually while seated at a table. Kneeler chairs help ensure they are seated properly and securely so they can begin treating their backs right from the very beginning!