Talk About Active Sitting

Move Stool on WheelsSo what do you think? The Move Stool from Varier has always been a great seller with its "dished" base and now, with the addition of the Move Stool on Wheels, it is about to become more versatile than ever.

Our recent blog postings have referred to SLS (Stagnant Long-Term Sitting) as something to be avoided as movement or #activesitting makes for healthier bodies. With the new Move Stool on Wheels that allows the sitter to roll around as well as tilt while never having to leave the chair, there's more mobility and more comfort in the work place.

Look for our website posting announcing the availability of the Move Stool on Wheels shortly. It is expected to arrive in the U.S. this December so our posting on the Backcare Basics website will be up soon. This will enable pre-orders to be placed and assure rapid delivery of the sure to be hot item in Varier's line of #activesitting products at the time of its introduction here in the states.

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