SLS is Everywhere but Solutions are NOT!!

If you’ve been following our blog you know that our focus is on what we call   #activesitting as a solution to “Stagnant Long-Term Sitting” affects. Many solutions have been offered but few have succeeded in helping with eliminating the negative affects of SLS.

 For example, way back in the ‘60s, IBM advertised to the press that their top executives were fond of using stand-up desks. The claim being, of course, that standing vs. sitting kept the user more alert while encouraging change of position and, therefore, maintain comfort. Great idea, but standing too long is almost as bad as sitting too long and other solutions were eventually created.

 The sit/stand desk is one of the solutions that either manually or electrically allows for desk height adjustment to accommodate the seated or standing positions of the user. The desk user stands upright, uses a stool or, in many instances, uses a second, normal height chair, making for a cluttered workspace. The best solution to this situation is to design a desk chair or stool that is height adjustable allowing for a single chair solution.

 In recognition of this trend, Backcare Basics has researched and found chairs and stools that supply vertical adjustment and allow free body movement for those using today’s sit/stand desk solutions. When a desk is in the standing position these chairs act more as a standing assistant than a sitting device and, in the lowered configuration, they also allow for comfort and movement there.

 In the photo above, you can see me positioned at an elevated sit/stand desk in a Varier Active, which is extremely comfortable at either the standard chair or elevated stool heights. You can find other options on our website as well and we’ll be covering those in future posts soon.


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