Welcome to the New Backcare Basics

Those of you who visit the Backcare Basics website regularly might already have noticed that it has undergone a complete makeover. Our objective in doing so is to present our products and information to our customers in a more focused and understandable fashion. In addition, we have added a PayPal payment option to the many credit cards that we already accept for purchases made, thus adding another convenience that many have asked for in the recent past. 

You will note that each product is presented with simple and straightforward information that does not include frivolous facts but, rather, we are focusing on the presentation of benefits of the products displayed.

In addition, we have been working hard at pairing down the number of products in each of the categories we cover and, as a result, you will find only our "cream of the crop" products. These selections come from those we have offered over the many years that Backcare Basics has been in operation, as well as new and exciting products that we've discovered during our work in the field.

Please let us know of any comments, input or questions you may have about products, their availability or just general knowledge you'd like to get by sending an email to: info@backcarebasics.com.

We hope you visit us often and recommend others you know to do so as well.

Best Regards from the Backcare Basics staff.

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