Bucky Pillows: Buckwheat Pillows, Your Body Will Thank You! July 12 2013

We are all very familiar with the fact that not all pillows are created equal. Anyone who has suffered the ill effects of a lumpy hotel pillow or flat-as-a-pancake guest pillow at a friend’s house knows that the effects extend far beyond tossing and turning. The next day is usually accompanied by a stiff neck and bad mood at the very least! If the world of pillows was similar to that of a comic book, Bucky Pillows would be the superhero counterpart to the lumpy pillow villain. And whether you’re resting at home, or looking for a travel pillow to take along on a trip, there’s a superhero Bucky Pillow just for you.

Bucky Pillows for Bed

Luxury and therapy come together like never before with our large Bucky Bed Pillows. The Duo bed pillow brings two unique benefits that traditional pillows simply can’t match – they are filled with both buckwheat hulls and millet hulls. Buckwheat hulls allow air to circulate easily throughout the pillow, keeping you feeling dry and cool instead of experiencing the dreaded ‘hot head’ some pillows bring. Millet hulls bring comfortable, sturdy support for your head and neck without losing shape or going flat. Millet hulls also naturally contain silicic acid, which brings several important benefits to the body while you sleep. The silicic acid in millet hulls is released when warmed by your body heat, and can stimulate metabolism, improve your immune system, and relax away muscle pain. Not too shabby for a pillow! Add to that the hypo-allergenic nature of both millet and buckwheat hulls, and the easy-care design of the pillow as a whole, and you can see why so many people are sleeping with a smile on Bucky Pillows.

Bucky Pillows for Travel

Many of us have used a neck pillow before, whether as a passenger in a car, or on a bus, train or plane. And while most of the neck pillows I’ve personally experienced haven’t been terrible, certainly bringing more comfort than no pillow at all, they also haven’t been something I was in a hurry to use again. There’s the occasional stiff neck brought on by inadequate stuffing, and the hot and scratchy neck resulting from an inferior fabric or filling that doesn’t breathe. As a last minute purchase at an airport, generic neck pillows serve their purpose, but they aren’t something I would purchase with the expectations of excellence Bucky neck pillows always exceed!

BackcareBasics.com offers a superior selection of Bucky neck pillows to suit everyone’s style and preferences. Let’s take a look at 3 favorites…

• The Bucky U-Sleep Buckwheat Pillow makes a popular present that’s ready-to-give in a beautiful, eco-friendly canvas tote. The U-Sleep pillow helps maintain proper spinal alignment no matter the position you sleep in, and brings ideal support for reading – a big plus when traveling! This travel pillow is also stuffed with millet hulls, and can be easily cleaned for your next adventure.

• Did you think Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear? Common misconception! Fuzzy Wuzzy actually was and is a Bucky neck pillows, and a super soft neck pillow at that. A plush cover cradles your head and neck in pure, ‘liquid velvet’ luxury, making catching a nap or catching up on your favorite author a truly relaxing experience. There can be some bumps and snags on the way from Point A to Point B, but your travel pillow needn’t be one of them.

BackcareBasics.com also offers many other Bucky pillows and therapeutic treats, including lumbar pillows, hot and cold BodyWrap and NeckWrap, and Bucky Woopsies for bumps and bruises. We feel lucky to have found Bucky, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way!