A Kneeling Chair Is Perfect Everywhere! July 01 2013


Upon first glance, a kneeling chair can look like a bit of an enigma. When we encounter people who have never seen one before, the concentrating eyebrows and cocked heads speak for them before they have a chance to ask, “But, how do you sit on it?” Luckily, confusion quickly melts into surprise as they discover that sometimes something different and unfamiliar is exactly what is in order.

We make no secret of the fact that we love kneeling chairs. We sell them, we use them, we tell strangers about them in grocery stores, and we’d surely sing their praises from a mountain top if we were asked. There’s no rocket science behind their construction, no magical motors or pixie dust involved. There is simply logic and an understanding and appreciation for how the human body works, moves, bends and sits. Sitting unto itself isn’t very complicated to the naked eye – we all do it dozens of times a day without a second thought. But much like breathing and blinking, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes when your body sits. A kneeling chair takes all of this into consideration, and is both supportive and reactive to the sitting person.

While a kneeling chair can certainly provide back pain relief, we encourage you not to think of them only in the realm of pain remediation. In fact, much like the many ergonomic office chairs we offer on our site, the benefits of a kneeler chair are for people of many ages, shapes and sizes who are looking to take better care of their bodies and prevent pain before it starts.

The body is an evolving, active and reactive thing; it is literally alive with changes, causes and effects. Ideally, it would prefer to be in motion – walking, lifting, bending and stretching. Our modern lives often don’t afford this ideal, as we are seemingly strapped to our desks for countless hours, regarding a trip to the water cooler as a mini-vacation. We can’t turn back the clock and go back to hunting and gathering, nor would the majority of us care to. But we can take advantage of such products as kneeling chairs to loosen the chains a little on our cubicle cave!

For as wonderful as kneeling chairs are for the office and home office, they are also a smart seating solution for just about anywhere in your home. Available in bright, fun colors, Varier kneeling chairs make a wonderful choice for children and adults alike. Many kids spend the better part of a day drawing, coloring, and having fun with crafts, usually while seated at a table. Kneeler chairs help ensure they are seated properly and securely so they can begin treating their backs right from the very beginning!