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Hello everyone, hope you had a pleasant and family oriented Memorial Day weekend. Today, we are pleased to be sending our second newsletter of 2015 to bring some news that we are very excited to pass along to you for the first time here. In addition to the new and exciting products that we now have available on our website, today we are announcing our new Installation Services program.
Over the last six months we have found that many of our customers are interested in securing help with the assembly, placement and/or installation of the products they buy through Backcare Basics. Typically, our chairs are simple and quick to put together. But with the introduction of our sit-to-stand desks, having the option for installation assistance is essential. To help with this currently, one but only one, of BCB’s sit-to-stand desks is delivered fully assembled. Most, except for the Humanscale Float, require electrical connections to be completed along with the attachment of the mechanisms for raising and lowering the work surface.

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This becomes especially important to our growing list of business clients who purchase products in larger quantities and broader functionality. Multiple chairs and desks might require delivery to a few new facilities or a company may require just the temporary expertise and manpower to get an installation project done expeditiously. In either case, Backcare Basics can now help with this for both consumers and businesses virtually anywhere in the continental United States.
We present this new service to our customers as a result of having formed these relationships through our association with a network of furniture assembly specialists. It is these specialist relationships that allow us to bring this service to our clients. From simple to complex projects you are now able to arrange hands on help through BackCareBasics.com. We will make sure that all the parts and pieces end up just as you visualized they would with no muss, no fuss. 

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