Papa's Standing Desk March 11 2015

Among the proponents of standing up while you work was of course one the greatest writers of all time Ernest Hemingway. 'Papa' would stand up at his 'standing desk' to write as well as type. Here is an excerpt about his personal workspace and habits:

“In Ernest’s room there was a large desk covered with stacks of letters, magazines, and newspaper clippings, a small sack of carnivores’ teeth, two unwound clocks, shoehorns, an unfilled pen in an onyx holder, a wood carved zebra, wart hog, rhino and lion in single file, and a wide-assortment of souvenirs, mementos and good luck charms. He never worked at the desk. Instead, he used a stand up work place he had fashioned out of a bookcase near his bed. His portable typewriter was snugged in there and papers were spread along the top of the bookcase on either side of it. He used a reading board for longhand writing.” 

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