How to Beat Cabin Fever

So far up here in Boston, Massachusetts we have had the second snowiest winter ever with 102" of that fluffy white stuff. In fact, there is only another 5" required to top the all time greatest annual regional snow fall on modern record. Cabin fever is setting in!

If you live anywhere in this region, or maybe elsewhere for that matter, you might be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk and messing about on the web (when your not out shoveling). If you are sitting, not shoveling that is, be sure to check out our many ergonomic seating models and active sitting products to help you through the winter blahs.

At Back Care Basics this March, you can enjoy a complimentary coupon to be applied against any purchase on any of our hundreds of products. Simply sign up for our emails and promotions and you will get 5% off your next order. You can use it on any of our accessories, sit to stand desks, kneeling chairs, motion seating or general office seating. All chairs and stools Ship Free. Another bonus point.

While we have seen many images this winter of this insane amount of snow, here are a few that stood out for me. One in suburban Boston (yes those are cars and was taken after the first dump and it's worse now) and the other at a local marina just south of us. Yes salt water does freeze if its cold enough! Last shot is a snow farm to process the snow.




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