Big & Tall Office Chairs Are Here To Stay

Did you know that 'most' office chairs unless tagged as Big & Tall are weight rated for users only up to 250 pounds? Some in fact are only rated to 200 pounds and I hate to tell you that they are very common in the 'big box' stores so beware. Did you wonder why some of your chairs in your facility would keep breaking down? The weight of the user could have something to do with it. 

Next time check out our Big & Tall and 24/7 Rated chair selections so you can avoid those problems and give your staff member or yourself a chair that fits and is properly engineered. Even aside from these specially rated chairs, Back Care Basics only selects models that have at least 250 pound class ratings that also carry excellent factory warranties.

Back Care Basics has many chairs in these special classes that range in price from affordable to well just simply exotic. Check out this Global Concorde chair in full leather as an example. Yes this is what we call a 'lifetime office chair'!

But don't let this pricing scare you, we also have an enormously popular chair like this high intensity Big and Tall model in stock and ready to go. Yup, a wide spectrum in price so likely we have one that will be right for you. You can call us at 800.858.8987 or email us with any questions that might have. Back Care Basics is here to help you.


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