Varier Kneeling Chair February 28 2015

 In the course of the average day we have the chance to use lots of different chairs here at Back Care Basics. When working remotely, or away from the office, I use the Varier kneeling chair with a back known worldwide as the Variable. Available both with and without the back stem its a spectacular way to sit actively. Mine happens to have that upright back piece. Shoppers ask if its truly functional and I explain 'yes' go for it if the budget allows. The standard Variable without the back is excellent as well. If you are curious, most of the Variables that we sell are 'sans' back but its a nice little ad on and I like it. 

The Variable is a high quality piece of furniture from Norway built to last a lifetime. Its easy to move around your home or office workspace. We know one lady from Colorado that ended up buying four to place in the various rooms of her home. We finally asked her what she was doing with them all and she told us that she originally bought one and carried it all over the house. Then she ordered a second one and then she finally gave up and bought two more so she had one in each of her favorite spaces. Yeah, that's how much people love these things! It is light and easy to move around not to mention the comfort and support that it spins off.

Have a question? Like to talk to someone about the benefits of a kneeling chair? Please call us at 800.858.8987 or email us. Start sitting actively its just better for you.