Automatic Ergonomic Chair Adjustments Are Here!

Ergonomically correct sitting posture is great for your body while you work or play. We all seem to acknowledge that quite easily, but few of us have chairs that help us with achieving that posture. Some people think that perfect ergonomic sitting solutions might only be achieved by purchasing customized chairs that are specifically tailored to fit your body. This might, in fact, be the best physical solution but it certainly isn’t the best financial solution to better sitting posture. A custom designed chair made to fit a single body doesn’t adapt to multiple users well or to body changes of the sitter for that matter. The result has been for manufacturers to make office chairs with as many adjustments as possible to accommodate different user body types. The advantage of this approach allows the manufacturer to mass-produce chairs at lower cost resulting in a more reasonable selling price and wider appeal to customers in the marketplace.

 However, what we have found over the time we have been in the business of making people more comfortable and less prone to having back issues while sitting, is that the majority of the people using highly adjustable chairs do not take the time to understand how to use them.  So like many other industries, advancing technology is helping to make chairs available that include automatic adjustments requiring little or no user intervention be effective.

Sound familiar? The extreme of this is Google’s new autonomous or driverless car. We never thought we’d see it but, in the long run, the more things can be done properly for us automatically, the higher the value of the item in question to the people using it. This is particularly true for chairs. Simple and automatic is always a good combination. Automated ergonomic technology is starting to appear today.

Global Total Office, one of Backcare Basics’ long-standing partners, is leading the way when it comes to automating chair adjustability at very affordable prices. Not long ago we introduced Global’s Loover task chair and, more recently, the Vion; two chairs that automate chair back tilt tensioning by using Global’s Weight Sensing technology. These chairs are the first of their kind and both do it with style that works for most environments.

Why is this an important step in ergonomic progress? Simply because ergonomists agree that our body should maintain an “open” angle between our laps and chests when sitting, a very important aspect of ergonomically correct sitting. And, having the ability to lean back in our chairs allows for movement accomplishing another recommended ergonomic benefit. But what is the right amount of tilt? Well that depends on a number of things including the weight of the sitter. Global’s Weight Sensing Synchro-Tilt mechanism knows that answer simply by “feeling” the weight on the seat and reacting to it differently for varying loads.

 This recently introduced mechanism by Global allows for the backrest to recline at a faster rate than the seat, increasing the angle between your torso and thighs. The force it takes to accomplish this is automatically sensed by the new design so no manual adjustment by the sitter is required. Another benefit of this technology is that it allows for you to rock comfortably, without heavy pushing thus reducing muscle fatigue while moving as recommended by the experts.

Like what you’ve read? Here are the 10% discount codes for the Loover (LOOVER0614) and Vion (VION0614) Weight Sensing Task Chairs referenced above. Enter these codes at checkout, they will be available for our BCB Updates readers through June 30, 2014.

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