Are you sitting down? Read This!

We all constantly hear about what we should be doing regarding our daily activity level in order to become healthier and live longer. However, an article in USA Today in March of this year sites a study that makes some startling discoveries in one respect but basically it hangs some real danger signs on being sedentary that really drive the message home.

Nanci Hellmich of USA Today writes about the Kaiser Permanente study conducted by one of their Senior Scientists, Deborah Rohm Young, dealing with the effects of being sedentary in our work and leisure activities.

Here are the story highlights:

  • Men who sit five or more hours a day have an increased risk of heart failure
  • Those who exercise very little are also at greater risk
  • The bottom line: Sit less, move more and try to meet federal guidelines 

This is definitely recommended reading, click here to read the facts that are presented and the conclusions drawn.

Our friends at Varier Furniture know all to well about sedentary sitting. We call it "SLS" (Sedentary Long-term Sitting). Varier provides a great line of active sitting chairs for work and play and great illustrations like this one. They also point out that: "Research has linked too much sitting to increased risk of type 2 diabetes and death from cancer, heart disease and stroke". Again, click on the image below to read the details for yourself.


See our Active Sitting page for just a few of the solutions carried by Backcare Basics.

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