Standing Desks. A New Idea? I Think Not.

Did you know that Winston Churchill worked while standing at an elevated desk?


Certainly this is proof of the old adage that "what goes around comes around" and "that some things old are new again". Today, heeding the advice of the ergonomic community, people are using the appropriately named Sit/Stand desk to stay moving while at work. Statistics show that the more people are able to move freely while sitting, standing or "perching" at their workstation, the more productive they become. Of course, the major benefit ends up to be that those who move while working do not experience the back pain that long-term stagnant sitting causes.

While Churchill's desk was fixed at a specific height, today the adjustable desk has allowed us to choose what height we would like to work at at any time. These desks can be used at the "traditional" seated height to as high as 46" which presents another problem to solve. That is "Do I need more than one height chair at my desk?" The answer is emphatically, NO! The addition of an adjustable sit/stand/perch stool can do it all. So, unlike Mr. Churchill's standing-only desk we now have variable height desks and chairs for even more ways to stay comfortable while working. Statistics are telling us that the average office worker sits for, on average, 9 hours each day which certainly contributes to the growing problem of obesity around the world. And certainly not good.

But if each of us took a page from Mr. Churchill's book and focused on standing for 3 of those 9 hours instead, we would burn additional calories due to increased heart rates and body movement. In fact, some calculations say as much as 8 lbs. annually could be shed from just that one minor change in our working habits. And, I believe we all know that a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce and great for business no matter what field you're in.

Let us know your thoughts on whether you think your team could benefit from using adjustable workstations and seating in your environment. We love to work with those that do think they might to help assess and ensure that the best selections are made at the most economical prices within budgets. Everyone wants value for the dollars spent, especially in business.


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