Five sitting positions that cause back pain.

How many of the five affect you? Check Out These Common Issues That Cause Back Pain!!

#1 - Rounded Shoulders - If you're slouching, that puts stress on your lower back, you overuse those muscles, then you become fatigued and have soreness and discomfort. So your childhood advice from grownups is still correct (maybe more so) today … “shoulders back”.

#2 - Head Forward - Your head should be directly over your shoulders when you sit or stand. This puts the spine into a “stress free” natural position whether seated or standing.

#3 - Hunch-backing - No “hunching”, the back should be straight and resting against a traditional chair’s back to provide support to the lower curve of the back, or lumbar area. With backless chairs, like many kneelers, the spine is automatically adjusted to the assure correct back positioning for optimum comfort.

#4 - Poor Feet Positions - When sitting in a “traditionally” designed office chair, it should be adjusted to position your knees slightly lower than the hips, and your feet should be able to rest on the floor or foot stool. With kneeling chairs this is not necessary as the “open angle” formed between the upper torso and your thighs promotes free blood flow throughout your body quite naturally. 

#5 - Stagnant Long-Term Sitting (SLS) - Move, move, move - Just as important as proper positioning, experts say, is getting up and walking every 20 to 30 minutes for about five minutes. Movement increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles that have been holding the body in one position and helps refresh them.

The Best Solutions Are the Simplest Solutions ... All It Takes is Some Concentration & New Habits Can be Formed!!

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