Why Active Sitting Helps Almost Everyone Who Practices It!

We have all become quite sedentary. Humans are the consummate spectators who sit at their desks, sit at their workbenches, sit at sporting events, sit while driving and mostly sit at public functions. Then we go home and sit some more. "Active sitting” helps to counteract the negative effects of “Stagnant Long-Term Sitting”. “SLS” has become a very large part of everyday living and it’s evident whether we are at work or play. 

All of this inactivity takes its toll on our bodies in so many ways. SLS, the lack of movement while sitting, has been linked to a number of serious health issues like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. At least one well known healthcare provider   points out that it believes SLS to be more dangerous to humans than smoking. So, quite simply, the answer is to find ways to keep our bodies in motion during extended periods of sitting. Staying in motion is healthier for us all. Medical experts agree that any one of the long list of active sitting benefits can make any and everyone healthier.

So here’s the extensive list of why active sitting benefits almost everyone:

  • Promotes Overall Natural Body Movement 
  • Allows for Continuous and Automatic Exercising of Muscles
  • Strengthens Core and Abdominal Muscles 
  • Improves Posture to a More Natural Upright Position
  • Reduces Pressure on Vertebral Disks, Reducing Back Pain
  • Eliminates Un-Natural Hunched Back Posture 
  • Prevents Tension in Neck and Shoulders 
  • Ensures and Enhances Deep Breathing Improving Oxygen Levels
  • Increases the Circulation of Blood to the Lower Extremities 
Which ones will benefit you the most?
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