Always Moving, It's Called Active Sitting

We are pleased to let folks know that we are continuing to add products to our site that offer the ability to enable movement while working in a seated position.

Backcare Basic's philosophy is that what's good for you doesn't have to be tasteless, plain or lacking stylish design. Today there are solutions to the stagnant sitting issues that many of us have that are engineered to not only assist in maintaining the correct posture for your back but to also look good. Whether they appear to be "traditionally" designed and look familiar ... 

or truly different looking ...  


... the chairs we offer have been vetted to be the most functionally effective at reducing the pain of stagnant sitting when working for extended periods of time.

The important thing for the user is that they can depend on getting the best solutions that are available when buying from Backcare Basics. We've been around since 1988 in the business of back pain care, relief and, most importantly, prevention.

So whether your choice is for the traditional look or the new and unique looks that technology advances are allowing us to design with today, you'll find the best of the best on our site. Backcare Basics' management prides itself on not having that "hardware store" look of many sites that present as many products as possible with the hope of appealing to as large an audience as possible. We specialize in offering well vetted products that are high quality, well built and, in our opinion, stylishly designed to appeal to those who appreciate the somewhat unique.

Keep tuning into our site as we are constantly on the lookout for great new offerings like the Swopper and Muvman as well as the fantastic products like those from Varier that we have been bringing to our customers for many years.



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