Active Sitting Basics Video March 09 2014


Here's another super informative, quick and easy to view video about active sitting. Ergonomists from around the world agree that movement is the best thing for your body and stagnant sitting for long periods of time is harmful in many ways. Whether you are conscious about your body and want to prevent back pain, whether you are in need to relieve current back problems or whether you are simply looking for a good chair that provides true relaxation, Varier offers a large range of products that suit your needs. Backcare Basics has offered Varier's kneeling chairs since the product, and now many products, were introduced to the United States' market. We continue to support these products and have many followers who have benefited from the use of these chairs. Check out the variety we carry at our kneeling chair page and the Move Stools which is one of our best sellers and the mobile version of the Move that Tilts which now allows even greater movement while sitting.