Great New Stool, Great Intro Deal

So we're really happy to be the first retailer in the United States to be offering the new OneLeg Ergonomic Stool from Denmark. A simple but effective product at a low cost that just works well and is one of those "why didn't I think of that" items that has the ability to make us all more comfortable when working on projects and chores that take us down to floor or ground level.

And, it fits right into the latest rage in sitting. In this case this little gem allows the sitter to move in place (rocking or leaning is easy) and rotate to reach out of the way spots where your tools or work might be. It is lightweight so its portability is outstanding and it can be used indoors or out for a myriad of applications. Its construction is formed from UV resistant polyethylene so it is virtually going to last forever.

In accordance with our celebration of this introduction we are offering our special offer which can be seen at

We're sure you'll be impressed with this little stool which is priced ($69) to be able to be owned by everyone. Let us know what you think and if we can answer any questions, email us at

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