Ergonomics Exposition - Las Vegas

We just returned from attending The National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition held in Las Vegas last week and it was phenomenal.

We go to learn what's new in the field of ergonomics and see the new products that are available as a result of the research and development that is being done by universities and corporations from around the world. The new products that are shown cover the waterfront and typically one can see the trends that are in favor at any given time. There are those items and services that are "in vogue" and others that are just plain make sense items over the long term. From furniture to clothing and everything in between we search for those items that are not fads but rather sensible approaches that one can use to prevent, relieve and relax the stress and strain that your body experiences while at work or play. As you'll recall one of our favorites is #activesitting.

The caveat that we at Backcare Basics use to truly differentiate ourselves from the competition is that we search for products, particularly those that can be used at work and at home, that are not only highly functional but stylish as well. We have always taken the road less traveled, i.e. BCB was one of the first to offer the Varier Furniture product line in the United States. Varier is one of those companies that very early in their history recognized that the furniture they made should be attractive to look at as well as good for the body's use over long periods of work or play. So rather than being one of the "hardware stores" of ergonomics we choose to offer the best of the best products that offer both attractive styling and features that will benefit your body and be functional for many years to come.

As we have mentioned in prior blog posts focus on superior products with style is the BCB mission that we believe suits our clients the best. To that end, be sure to stop by regularly to see what's new at BCB. We made some pretty interesting discoveries at The National Ergonomics Conference & Exposition last week and we're anxious to share them with you in the near future.

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